Empowering People and Building Communities with Inspiring Book Programs

Inspiring Connection creates space for individuals and groups to create wisdom, a sense of belonging, and a culture of connected commitment using comprehensive book study materials. Inspiring Connection provides the vehicle for people to come together and learn a new paradigm. Common purpose is the fuel and focus for an organization to foster understanding, inclusiveness, and the untapped synergy of the collective. After experiencing these programs, participants become increasingly committed and invested in their organization, blessed with a sense of community, based on personal connections.

Founded by Larry Watson, Inspiring Connection creates self-directed programs that come with complete materials and information for implementing an organization-wide small group series. Packaged in comprehensive 7-week programs that explore informative and inspirational books, you will engage your organization's members with powerful ideas and techniques that address common goals and needs.

Each Inspiring Connection homestudy program organizes a number of small groups of 6-8 participants. Using the material from best-sellers by recognized authors, the programs involve each participant in an experiential process that integrates more deeply the content of each book, revealing the wisdom and insight of the participants.

Each group is facilitated by a member of the group who is trained with the materials provided by I.C. This makes it possible for an unlimited number of small groups to meet during each week of the 7 week program. The dynamics of the small group empowers everyone.

Larry Watson, Founder
Email: Larry@InspiringConnection.com
Phone: 859 635-5599

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