Homestudy Program: Finding Freedom

The full package of materials, guides, and administrative tools for the Finding Freedom Homestudy is complete and ready for immediate release.
You can purchase this program to implement in your own organization. This program allows people to find out what their greatest strengths are, and how to let go of the emotional strings that have been holding them back. Author Steve Sherwood says of this Homestudy program:
"I want everyone to know how important the Homestudy program is to understanding the book. I wrote Finding Freedom because there isn't time in a seminar to cover all the important topics. Only with extended study and the group environment of the Homestudy program will people get what they really need out of this book."
This Inspiring Connection Homestudy is an excellent program for church groups that are interested in giving their members more tools for understanding their true essence, who they really are. The result is an opportunity for newer members to feel like they belong, and are much more engaged and willing to serve their spiritual community.
This Homestudy works well in a corporate setting, as well, by investing employee and/or management time into personal development that will pay with increased dedication and satisfaction. People connect at a more core level, developing greater trust and support for each other. Corporate culture and morale is vastly improved as intensive personal growth contributes to company efficiency.

Designed in 10 segments, this program can be implemented in its original time frame of 10 months, or shortened for your convenience to 10 or 20 weeks.

I am very excited about this program. The first groups at Finding Freedom  have found it to be very key to their ability to continue their personal development over the long haul, which would otherwise fall back and return to their old ways of being. Many great attributes are being explored and embraced, and old habits are released.

Please call me for more information and pricing.