Inspiring Spiritual Centers - Homestudy Programs that serve your Spiritual Community

Finding Freedom: The Five Choices That Will Change Your Life by Steve Sherwood

The I of the Storm by Gary Simmons

Living in Spirit by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The Energy of Positive Prayer by Hypatia Hasbrouck

Discovering Positive Prayer

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
Collateral and Materials
Inspiring Connection will provide, in digital format, all the collateral and written documents necessary for your organization to implement your program. Digital documents include:

- Comprehensive Participant Booklet - includes the entire series'

- Weekly Guides - includes agendas, pertinent quotes, and
   discussion questions

- Publicity Materials and Posters
- Moderator Sign-up Templates
- Participant Sign-up Templates
- Group Agreements to foster respect among participants
- Program Schedule - includes steps for team building,
   implementation, and signups

- Moderator Manual for training
- Support Materials for Moderators
- Announcement Visuals for In-house Publicity
- Some programs may be augmented with optional materials
   such as audio CDs of meditations or guided imagery.

Larry Watson, Founder
Phone: 859 635-5599

"Larry Watson, is a prayerful, God Centered creative individual, who has put together several small group books studies for me. He has digested and synthesized the material and has presented study guides that enhance the content for the groups that then study together. He trained the facilitators to work with the groups and also added a component by adding an on-line group for our last small group book study."
-Rev. Doris Hoskins, New Thought Unity of Cincinnati
The Process
- Homestudy History: Homestudy programs have been a part of spiritual communities and churches for decades, and is based on the 19th century Salons where small groups would gather to discuss topics or books and draw on the greater wisdom of the collective mind. Some churches actually were founded out of these small groups. Larry Watson has researched and developed effective programs for you that tap into the unlimited potential of the small scale community. This results in a culture shift within your larger community, and a renewed commitment to your church.

- Book Series: Your Inspiring Connection series revolves around a spiritual and/or inspirational book that supports the organizations environment and goals. Each Inspiring Connection program presents the books in seven segments that are used by your small groups in weekly meetings. The programs are referred to as Homestudy Groups because each group meets in a members home for the seven weeks.

- Homestudy Structure: Each series is designed as a self-directed program, with complete materials provided by Inspiring Connection to guide discussion and agendas. The agenda provides: information supplemental to the chosen book; affirmation cards; discussion questions; and practices for integrating the program through the week. There is no teaching guide since the moderators is not an instructor, and is only providing a safe space for sharing, and guidance for the group to remain on subject.

Finding Freedom
Steve Sherwood’s book Finding Freedom: The Five Choices That Will Change Your Life guides us on a journey into our “ways of being” that may no longer serve us so that we can recognize our strengths, and use them as powerful resources for accessing the greatness within. Our inherent worth as spiritual beings underscores this affirming program. Learn More.

The I of the Storm
The I of the Storm is where are true essence is, the place where we can go whenever we feel a conflict arise. Author Gary Simmons provides many tools for discovering what makes us think that conflict is all about us. It provides the understanding that we are always worthy, no matter what the outside world would seem to tell us. Learn More.
“The only true relationship is one based upon wholeness. Gary Simmons guides us out of our excuses, fears, and conflicts to create authentic relationships and quality living.”
                                  -Thomas Crum, author of Journey to Center

Living in Spirit
Exploring Spirit using Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s bestseller Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao. The 81 verses of the Tao te Ching are the inspiration for Wayne Dyer’s essays on our connection to Source, and how we can express that connection in our daily lives. This program truly changes the way we live our lives and how we relate to those around us. Larry Watson distills verses into weekly themes of Releasing Judgment, Spirituality, Simplify, etc., that allow us to apply these principles in a daily practice. View a sample page.

The Energy of Positive Prayer
Hypatia Hasbrouck’s difinitive book, Handbook of Positive Prayer, provides many great tools of prayer, and a new familiarity and ease for your personal prayer practice. Add in the spiritual teachings of Thich Naht Hanh’s The Energy of Prayer, the eastern views of prayer from the Buddhist tradition perfectly mirrors western thought on how we can access our greatest potential.

Discovering Positive Prayer
Focusing solely Handbook of Positive Prayer, this program will guide your community to explore the basic tenets and philosophies of how Positive Prayer works in our lives, and the practical types of prayers that we can use in everyday living.

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
Using Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, you will explore how your ways of thinking were unconscious, and how to become empowered and conscious in the beauty of is-ness. Hang on; this is just the beginning of new words and ideas that will expand your joy. In A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle writes with amazing clarity about how our identity is formed and how to release that identity to find freedom in this moment.

- Small Group Homestudy is the most effective tool for retaining congregants.

- Spiritual community is created when people connect and bond on a spiritual and personal level.

- Each member discovers her/his unique wisdom.

- Homestudy books are absorbed and integrated by members through participation and analysis.

- Homestudy drives active church participation and volunteer service.

- Spiritual Growth: The most powerful aspect of Inspiring Connection Homestudy programs is the wisdom and personal contributions of each participant. The result is deep and permanent integration of the material that is covered, and a supportive environment to apply the spiritual principles and practices in each person's life.